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C-17 airdrop

Technique Only is a luxury crashpad for pilots by pilots.  
As a couple of C-17 pilots ourselves, we understand and care about your needs because they are our needs too so we don't skimp on the important stuff.  
Want to stay with your buddies?  Let us know! We try our best to accommodate for groups. 
Non-Availability is not required to stay at our crashpad and unlike others, we don't price gouge. You can still stay off base even if the base hotel is not full (no one can force you to stay on base).  All of this information is available in the Joint Travel Regulation.  It is a 2000 page document filled with a lot useless detail but the bottom line is no one can make you stay on base and you won't pay anything out of pocket to stay at Technique Only.  

As two C-17 pilots ourselves, we know the last thing you want after a long flight is to come home to a stuffy hotel, that's why we opened Technique Only!  We made our crashpads with the luxurious ammeneties of home with a few extras we know pilots love: housekeeping services, and flat screen TVs in every room with all of the channels you want plus NFL Sunday ticket.  And don't listen to anyone who says you have to stay on base, non-availability is not required to stay at Technique Only. 


Technique Only crashpads are designed to fit the needs of C-17, KC-135 and KC-46 pilots on temporary orders to Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma.  Less than three miles from base, Technique Only crashpads are superior-living option for pilots who don’t want to spend weeks or months living out of their suitcase in the standard hotel room.  TDY funds permit—no non-availability confirmation required. Our spacious crashpads are fully furnished and stocked with more than the necessities.  

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